LumiMini Size 10 Batteries



What Is It?

  • Size 10 Batteries For The LumiMini & LumiShadow Hearing Aid. 

What Does It Do?

  • Powers The LumiMini & LumiShadow Hearing Aid
  • Long Running Time 
  • Enhanced Performance 


LumiEar Technical Note:

Rayovac hearing aid size 10 batteries allows you to stock up on batteries, removing the worry of having to purchase them time and time again. 

One of the most popular hearing aid batteries brands, Rayovac has a strong reputation for both reliability and value. The size 10 hearing aid battery is most commonly used in smaller behind the ear devices and very popular for in-the-ear hearing aids. 

Size 10 hearing aid batteries including those from Rayovac, come in Grey packaging with Yellow colored tabs on the rear of each battery to reduce confusion between battery sizes which can appear very similar to each other. This multi-pack option presents even greater value than the single pack price by offering one of the most competitive prices on the Internet per battery.

With a long shelf life of at least 3 years, there’s every reason to take advantage of this outstanding price.

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