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The LumiCharge is a Behind-The-Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid, best for mild to severe hearing loss. If you have been putting off your hearing due to the cost this is the perfect opportunity for you to try a rechargeable hearing aid for a third of the cost! With two directional volume buttons the LumiCharge BTE hearing aid reduces unwanted background noise by adjusting the focus using Its two different channels as well as multiple volume settings for maximum control.

The LumiCharge™️ Key Features:

● Comfortable and easy to wear
● Helps people suffering with moderate to severe hearing loss
● Maximum sound output: 130 + 32dB
● Sound gain greater than 80dB
● Total harmonic distortion: less than 5%
● Frequency range: 450Hz ~ 4000Hz
● Rechargeable Battery 
● Weight: 2g

    Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Hearing Loss:

    ● A 12-year study conducted by the neurology department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that untreated hearing loss increased the risk for dementia.

    ● People with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking help.

    ● The number one cause of hearing loss is exposure to excessively loud sounds (85 decibels or higher).

    ● Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the US, after arthritis and heart disease.

    ● Certain foods can help combat hearing loss and promote good hearing health, such as bananas, salmon, and broccoli.

    ● Not being able to hear can make us feel isolated and disconnected from the world, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

    Top Frequently Asked Questions:

    ● Will The LumiCharge Work for Me Without Being Tested? The LumiCharge works perfectly for 98% of customers. A hearing aid is not just a tool to make sounds louder. Not everyone can use the same hearing aids. Hearing aids bought online without a complete hearing test and other services may not meet your needs and will not restore your normal hearing. But with practice, however a hearing aid will increase your awareness of sounds and their sources. 

    ● Why are these such a good price? Are they of great quality? We cut out the middleman which means no doctor salaries, brick and mortar building, rent, etc, that saves a LOT of money. Plus, we manufacture these with new cutting-edge technology which is more affordable than traditional methods for manufacturing hearing aids.  

    ● How do I know these will fit me properly without me being fitted? We include 4 interchangeable earbud sizes, because we do not all have the same ear canal size. 

    ● Is there any kind of warranty for them? Yes, every LumiEar hearing device comes with a one (1) year warranty. 

    Read Before You Use:

    Step 1: Turn The LumiCharge Hearing Aid switch on by turning the switch to the on position

    Step 2: Make sure the volume dial is set to the minimum (lowest level)

    Step 3: Insert The LumiCharge receiver inside your ear. 

    Step 4: Adjust the volume until you hear a sound.

    Shipping & Delivery: 

    All orders are shipped within 48-72 hours of you placing the order using USPS or depending on your location the fastest available service. Typical delivery time frame is between 14 to 20 business days however, you may receive your items much earlier. All orders are shipped with tracking number. Packages may face delays beyond our power such as customs or postal delays.

    What's In the Box:

    We are just a customer support ticket away. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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