Top Frequently Asked Questions:

● Will The LumiSelect Work for Me Without Being Tested? The LumiSelect works perfectly for 98% of customers. A hearing aid is not just a tool to make sounds louder. Not everyone can use the same hearing aids. Hearing aids bought online without a complete hearing test and other services may not meet your needs and will not restore your normal hearing. But with practice, however a hearing aid will increase your awareness of sounds and their sources. 

● Why are these such a good price? Are they of great quality? We cut out the middleman which means no doctor salaries, brick and mortar building, rent, etc, that saves a LOT of money. Plus, we manufacture these with new cutting-edge technology which is more affordable than traditional methods for manufacturing hearing aids.  

● How do I know these will fit me properly without me being fitted? Because we do not all have the same ear canal size. If for any reason your LumiSelect Doesn't fit, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

● Is there any kind of warranty for them? Yes, every LumiEar hearing device comes with a one (1) year warranty.

● When Does the 30 Day Trial Begin? All 30 day trials will begin on the date of delivery.


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