About Us

We are confident you will discover an amazing hearing difference that we will honor a 30 day money back guarantee! Try our best hearing aids and take them anywhere you feel your hearing could use some improvement. You can use them in the comfort of your own home or even at busy restaurants! We value your hearing and understand how frustrating it may be when your family constantly asks you to turn down the volume or when you're not able to understand in conversations in noisy environments. We have cut the middle man so we are able to provide high quality devices at an affordable price, because everyone deserves to hear without having to spend a fortune! We want our customers to enjoy clearer conversations too. At LumiEar we understand how hearing loss is dealt with differently through out every individual. We value your hearing struggles and understand how complicated it can be to find the perfect solution for your hearing loss. Are you still deciding what to do about your hearing difficulties due to the cost or embarrassment? Don't wait any longer when it comes to age related hearing loss, it may not always be preventable. However, not waiting too long is a very smart move. The sooner the better understanding hearing loss and treatment options, such as hearing aids, can assure you don’t lose it before it's too late. You need to hear sounds to keep this brain circuitry working and actively processing speech.
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